This Mansion Could Be Yours for $25 and a Well Written Letter

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When Alla Wagner realized that she might not be able to sell her $1.7 million mansion – a location she calls a “writer’s paradise” – for the asking price, she got creative. Instead of selling the property, she’s going to give it away to the winner of a competition. And anyone willing to write a letter and pay $25 has a shot.

Wagner’s property is located in Millarville, Alberta, Canada, at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. The house is just an hour-and-a-half away from Banff National Park, has neo-Georgian styling, and has panoramic views of the mountains to the west.

The house also has a massive kitchen, a large wine cellar, and even a dedicated music lounge. Extensive woodwork is featured throughout the home.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the $1.7 million dollar home went on the market last year but hasn’t sold.

Instead of lowering the asking price or continuing to wait for a buyer, Wagner decided to hold a contest, as she is currently ill and confined to using only a single floor of the three bedrooms, five bathroom home.

“We had to list our house because of my poor health, which has been especially bad the last 6 months or so,” said Wagner in a Facebook post. “Being confined to only one (upper) floor is becoming unbearable and it is taking a toll on my work and life in too many ways.”

She also said that a similar competition in Maine was part of her inspiration.

Entrants must pay $25 Canadian and submit a letter or essay, not exceeding 350 words, that describes themselves and why they should be selected as the winner.

The contest is scheduled to last for three months from the start date, January 15, though may be extended to six months. Additionally, before a winner will be selected, the total amount paid by entrants will have to reach the $1.7 million threshold.

Entries are reviewed on a rolling basis, allowing the number to be reduced as Wagner and a team of judges select finalists.

Posted by Write a Letter, Win A House on Saturday, January 5, 2019