This Man Was Arrested for Hiring Hookers to Do Something Unexpected [VIDEO]

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Every now and then, there’s a story that just seems too strange to be true. Who can say why some people do the things they do. Well, this is one of those stories. A Nebraska man has been arrested after hiring more than 75 prostitutes over the last four years to strip on his neighbor’s porch as he watched from his window.


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Douglas Goldsberry remained in jail as of Friday on charges of pandering and solicitation. Goldsberry’s neighbors, the ones receiving these strange visits from prostitutes, say that the prostitutes had become such a problem that law enforcement eventually had to have surveillance on the home.


The couple, who have asked to remain anonymous, are reportedly in their 30’s and have  two young sons. They recall nights where the escorts’ pimps would peak in their windows, and other nights when the escorts would bang on the door to be paid. Some nights the girls looked under the age of sixteen.


According to the website, Omaha, these incidents would happen anywhere from once a month to eight or nine times a month.


The arrested 45-year-old was allegedly an executive chef for 10 years in the area around Omaha. According to WKRN, Goldsberry would masturbate and take pictures of the woman as they stripped on his neighbor’s porch. From time to time, Goldsberry would hire escorts to meet him at hotels.


The couple’s nightmare came to an end on Wednesday after police traced mobile communications from prostitutes to Goldsberry’s phone. He was later captured at an Omaha hotel where he had written a suicide note and had tried to hang himself with a power cable.


The former chef has been held on $100,000 bond which his lawyer, Nathan Lab, has asked to be lowered because his client’s alleged crimes were an “anomaly.” If convicted, Goldsberry faces four years in jail and up to $25,000 in fines.