This “Made in the USA” Company’s Social Media Responses are Absolutely Savage

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Social media is becoming more and more important in business. However, it’s no longer enough to simply setup a Facebook page or Instagram account for your business and post a few photos each week if you want to get noticed. You have to have a solid plan to respond to comments, messages, run advertising and make posts.

One company is going viral for their recent social media campaign that looks to respond to both positive and negative comments in over the top ways.

America’s Crate (, a monthly subscription box that delivers Made in the USA products to its subscribers on a monthly or quarterly basis, is pulling no punches on their social media responses.

Several of their videos have surpassed the 1 million views mark, and attract a myriad of comments which get just as diverse replies.

Here are just a few (you can view the original Facebook video by clicking here).

Are the responses having a positive effect?

Well, based on a few comments it seems many people are enjoying the comments and some might have even ordered because of them.

Here’s an embed of the original video:

A representative from the company told us, “People seem to be responding very positively to our humorous and over the top comments. In today’s social media ecosystem, most people will just get a canned, corporate response. I think getting a personalized, funny response to your comment really connects with people. It’s how they might interact with their friends or family on social media.”

Disclaimer: Owners of benefit financially from sale of products mentioned on this page.