This Kindergartner’s Hilarious Rules for Bullying are What Everyone Needs to Hear. [VIDEO]

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In a Facebook post, kindergartner Caidyn Bennett shared his rules regarding bullying in a video, which quickly gathered more than a half a million shares and 24,000 comments. The clip focuses on how to act if a child punches another at school, touching on both a school’s usual guidance and what Bennett believes is the right way to handle it.

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In the post, which bears the caption, “Here’s MY no bullying policy,” Bennett discusses basic rules regarding how to address issues that may occur in the classroom.

“There’s a rule in kindergarten,” he begins. “If someone hits you, you tell the teacher. You don’t hit them back.”

“This is our no bullying policy,” says Bennett, regarding the stance most school’s anti-bullying policies take.

“So we’re clear,” Bennett continues, “If Johnny punches me in the face, Caidyn gets a black eye and Johnny gets a rainy day.”

“Then that means, on Friday, Johnny doesn’t get any treasure box. And, also on Friday, Caidyn still has a black eye.”

“Here’s my no bullying policy,” Bennett adds. “If little Johnny hits me in the face, little Johnny’s gonna catch these hands.”

“We’re gonna have matching black eyes and rainy days. And I’m okay with that [because] Johnny’s gonna learn to keep his hands to his self.”

The post garnered a lot of attention on Facebook, drawing in comments both for and against Bennett’s position on the manner.

Many commenters shared that they believe children should be able to defend themselves.

Others generally agree, though add that a child should inform the teacher during at least the first incident before a student fights back.

However, some were concerned that teaching a child to hit back could breed “more violence” if the action is retaliatory and not self-defense.