This Kid’s Epic Escape from Police Raiding a College Party is Spider Man in Real Life [VIDEO]

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Most people don’t make the best decisions while drunk and this college-aged party-goer is no exception. The man, referred to as “Stephens” in a caption on the video, decides to flee from the cops, but not in a conventional way. He chooses to scale trees, climb across rooftops, and even walk across a beam, putting his balance to the test.

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Based on the video, it’s unclear what triggered the arrival of the cops. However, once they are on the scene, the man clearly has no intention of getting caught.

At one point during the incident, bystanders become concerned for the man’s safety. A woman can be heard saying, “It’s not funny though. He’s going to get hurt.”

The officers become obviously frustrated, especially when it appears as though the man is going to break into another home in an attempt to elude them.

At one point, the fire department is called in to get the man down from the roof. A fireman can be seen placing a ladder against the building in an attempt to coax the man down.

Instead of using the ladder, the man makes a leap to the building next door.

By the time an officer reaches the roof, the man has disappeared.

It’s not clear why the man chose to run. Even if he was underage, the penalty for minor in possession is typically significantly less severe than those for evading arrest, obstructing justice, and potentially other charges associated with fleeing if he was caught.

h/t Dude Comedy