This is What Actually Happens When People go to Area 51 [VIDEO]

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Area 51 has been shrouded in mystery, which is surely one of the main reasons people take such interest in it. Conspiracy theorists argue that proof of alien life and alien technology have been hidden in the secretive base since the 1950s. But what is actually in there? Well, throughout the years, three people have visited and have a story to tell.

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Three years ago, YouTuber Josh Yozura published a video that was titled “Area 51 Top Secret Camo Dudes” that detailed his experience trying to approach Area 51. According to Yozura’s account, there are three gates that lead to the base. He noticed there was a heavy presence of guards in a building about 20 feet past the gates.

He got an eerie feeling that he was being watched. “They’re always watching,” he said in the video. There were no guards at the gate, only a plethora of cameras. The YouTuber also claimed you could make out shadows of people on the mountain ridgeline, which is presumably spotters to deter others from entering the base.

John Morris, another man who visited the secretive base, is a photojournalist and YouTuber who documented a road trip he took to Area 51 in 2016, Time reported.

Morris immediately felt “off” when he got close to three gates leading to the base. “You could disappear overnight and no one would ever know,” he said. “So it’s also kind of eerie.”

Morris gave a similar account to what Yozura claimed he saw. “It’s a gate with all these buildings [behind it], and people inside the buildings, but nobody’s standing outside. Nobody’s near the gates.”

Morris visited one of the “alien restaurants,” nearby that are riddled with various alien memorabilia. He claimed many of the locals there do not speak about Area 51 and are “pretty tight-lipped about it.”

Perhaps the most bizarre account of someone who visited Area 51 was Kyle Rakutis, who took a road trip across the country in 2014. Rakutis claimed a bartender told him about a dirt road that leads to a service entrance of Area 51.

“I’m reading the signs and all of a sudden the gates open, so I drive in, and these three military guys come out, guns drawn. As I’m sitting there, I’m kind of freaking out, because they don’t really say anything,” Rakutis says. “They just say, ‘check him out,’ and start searching my vehicle immediately.”

The guards allegedly wrote down his license plate and sent him on his way. Recently, Area 51 gained immense interest after someone created a satirical Facebook event planning to “storm” the base to “see them aliens.”

It will be interesting to see if anyone shows up on September 20th.