This is What $2.25 Million Handguns Look Like. They are Absolutely Out of This World. [VIDEO]

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When it comes to expensive handguns, a pair being offered by an American gun company may take the cake. Marketed as the “holy grail of collectible firearms,” each gun is partially constructed of 4.5 billion-year-old Gibeon meteorite. With such a unique feature comes a substantial price tag. The pistols are available for $2.25 million each.

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The two handguns, referred to as the “Big Bang Pistol Set,” were created by Cabot Guns, a manufacturer out of Indiana.

According to Cabot, the luxury firearms represent the first mechanically functional items created from that meteor, which was found in Namibia during the 1830s and is believed to have crashed to Earth millions of years before that.

The pistols are set to go to auction, though the date has not been specified. According to a report by the Daily Mail, “a hedge fund billionaire, tech-mogul, industrialist, or Royal: has expressed an interest in the weapons.

Featuring M1911 styling, the firearms have a “Widmanstätten” pattern, the result of millions of years of intense heat and cooling.

“I have been told by many collectors and experts that The Big Bang Pistol set are the ‘holy grail’ of collectible firearms,” said Cabot Guns founder and president Rob Bianchin.

“Gibeon meteorites exhibit the most desirable crystalline pattern and are the most desired of all iron meteorites.”

“These will be the crown jewel of any collection,” Bianchin added. “They will appeal to both firearm collectors as well as those fascinated with space and engineering.”

The pair of firearms is said to be fully functional.

“Man has been crafting weapons since the dawn of time,” he continued. “It predates speech.”

“I don’t believe anything more outrageous or complex in a pistol can trump this.”

This isn’t the first time Cabot Guns garnered attention for a unique design. The company also created a $45,000 pistol featuring modern Damascus steel, solid gold, and genuine wooly mammoth tusk integrated into the grip.