This is the Greatest Police Dog Takedown Ever Recorded [VIDEO]

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Even the most hardened criminal thinks twice about running when he hears the vicious barks of a police dog. One K-9 named Duke found himself becoming an internet sensation after a video of him jumping through a car window to take down a suspect went viral. Many are referring to the video as proof of the greatest police dog takedown ever.

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The incident took place on Friday in California where 31-year-old Julio Vasquez led police on a high speed chase. The day before, Vasquez’s ex-wife called the police claiming that her ex had violated her restraining order by showing up at her work and allegedly trying to strike her with his vehicle, NY Daily News reported.

Police arrived on scene, but Vasquez had already fled the scene. Police put an APB out on Vasquez’s vehicle and found it the following day, leading to the lengthy pursuit.

The California Highway Patrol reported that they struck the fleeing vehicle with spike strips as well as a PIT maneuver to end the dangerous chase. When stopped, Vasquez refused to cooperate or listen to police commands.

Hoping to let Vasque know he meant business, one of the officers broke out the driver side window with a rubber pelt. Even then, the 31-year-old suspect would not cooperate.

While exploring other options, Sgt. Chad Fountain with Corona Police decided to let loose Duke, his K-9 dog. Without warning, Duke dove right through the driver side window and attacked the suspect numerous times by biting him on the shoulder.

Vasquez was subdued and taken to a nearby hospital where he suffered minor injuries, TMZ reported.

When interviewed by numerous media outlets, Sgt. Fountain stated: “He did exactly what he was trained to do.” Fountain also added that Duke is the same breed dog, a Belgian Malinois, that helped take down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“The breed is very athletic and driven. That type of stuff – apprehensions in vehicles through windows – is something that’s trained on a regular basis. But seeing it caught on video like that is rare.”

For anyone wondering, Duke is “totally fine,” according to Fountain.