This is Patrick Zamarripa. The Patriotic Dallas Cop Who Was Murdered Last Night. He’s Awesome.

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A coordinated sniper attack was unleashed in Dallas last night, leaving 5 officers dead and 6 more wounded. Now, another officer has been named: Patrick Zamarripa.

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A devoted police officer, loving father, and a hell of a patriot, Patrick was a voracious user of Twitter. His account gives us a glimpse into a man everyone would have loved to meet who was tragically cut down way too soon.

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He was, as Donald Trump would say, a YUGE fan of Chick-Fil-A

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He retweeted this tribute a local store did for a fallen officer:

Patrick loved to see some good old fashion WWE wrestling

He took special note to support his fellow police officers and their families.

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He came across a “Remember the Fallen” bracelet while on patrol and took time out to find the owner.

He posted this after four military servicemen were gunned down in the Chattanooga terror attack.

He was enthusiastic about working security at a Trump rally

And he had this insight into Cinco de Mayo.

He had no reservations sharing his views about how to get rid of ISIS.

He loved being a cop, and had fun with it when he could.

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But his biggest joy came from being a doting father.

Officer Patrick Zamarippa lived life to the fullest.