This Home Invader Ran Into a 4’11” Woman With a Baseball Bat

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Good things come in small packages. We’ve all heard the saying before and apparently a would be home invader in East Tennessee learned that lesson the hard way this week when he attempted to rob the home a woman who was much smaller than himself. He found that baseball bats are great size equalizers.

A Kingsport, Tennessee woman answered a knock at her door by a woman who was inquiring about a lost dog. However, as soon as the door was opened a masked man forced his way into the home.

According to a local media report:

A struggle ensued, during which time the 4’11” tall victim was able to partially remove the mask from the suspect’s face. In doing so, she immediately recognized the man as Joe Sotello, a longtime family friend. She says she also noticed what appeared to be a handgun tucked in Sotello’s waistband.

She grabbed a baseball bat from behind the door and fought back in what police described as a “clearly justifiable self-defense.”

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Two 18-year old females were also in the house and came to the woman’s defense. Together, the three women physically drove Sotello out of the house and onto the front lawn.

After police confronted Sotello at the hospital, he eventually confessed to the crime and claimed that he had been going through some “hard times”.

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Sotello is being held in Sullivan County Jail on a $35,000 bond.