This Guy Just Invented the Worst Video Game Ever

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While it’s true that even the most exciting and engaging video games are going to have detractors, an upcoming flight simulator is potentially asking for them. While the graphics on Flight Simulator are of good quality, the concept is a bit odd, and buyers who don’t read the game’s description are likely to be very disappointed in their purchase.

When most people imagine a flight simulation video game, they picture themselves in the virtual pilot seat of an aircraft that gets their adrenaline pumping, such as a military fighter jet.

While Flight Simulator is technically a flight simulator, it isn’t the kind most people are expecting.

Instead of taking control of the cockpit of an aircraft, Flight Simulator simulates the experience of a passenger, and a passenger seated in coach, no less.

Plus, your simulation of being crammed into a small seat isn’t a short one. The first-person point-and-click game is based on a flight between New York and Reykjavik, Iceland. And you take that journey in real-time, making it last approximately five hours.

During your five-hour passenger experience, you can only do things that real-life passengers can do.

You can slide your window screen open, then close it. You can lower and raise a cupholder. Safety-minded “passengers” can even take a moment to review the aircraft’s safety instructions, or you can read an entire novel as one is included inside the game.

There is also the option to watch an film or play games on the in-flight entertainment system.

The experience also comes with plane-oriented ambient noise, like random coughs and the occasional crying baby in the background. If you’d rather block out the sounds with some music, you can don some in-game headphones and do just that.

The game was built by Hosni Auji, who admitted, “I don’t think I could have made this game ten years ago,” according to a report by Motherboard.

Auji created the game as a means of dealing with flight anxiety and hopes it may function as a form of exposure therapy for others who struggle when catching a flight.

However, the game will also be available to the masses, regardless of their feelings about flying. Flight Simulator is expected to release on PC during the Fall 2019 season.