This Green Beret’s Awesome Baby Reveal Has the Internet Losing Its D*&# Mind

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UPDATE: At the request of the family and in the interest of operational security for a still operating Special Forces soldier, last names have been removed from the article and blurred off pictures.

Sergeant First Class Keith and his fiancee Jamie, a massage therapist, posted pictures of their awesome baby reveal to their Facebook page and now the internet is losing it’s d*&# mind. All photos by Anna Elizabeth Photography.


The couple is expecting their first child and wanted to do something awesome to reveal the baby’s gender.

With Keith’s career as a member of the United States Army Special Forces, the legendary Green Berets, the couple did a little research decided their perfect idea: Using a labeled box filled with the binary explosive tannerite and colored chalk powder to reveal their baby’s sex.


The couple found a perfect spot in a wooded and safe area in their hometown.

To set off the reveal, Keith had to fire a rifle into the center of the box, triggering the colored chalk explosion revealing whether the couple would be welcoming a boy or girl later this year.


Jamie said her fiance was fully prepared, having been in training for the Best Ranger Competition for the last several weeks. Well, that and being one of America’s elite Special Forces soldiers helps, too.


“His friends and teammates in Special Forces, who are all highly trained in advanced marksmanship, would never had let him live it down if he missed!” she said.


Hitting on the first shot, Keith triggered the tannerite and send a plume of blue chalk into the air, revealing the couple was expecting a boy.


But, leave it to the internet to insult one of America’s heroes and talk about how an event between two people is theirs to comment on. The trolls came out in full force:



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And even one commenter had to go full politically correct retard on this:

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But some people aren’t total idiots and realized this is a pretty cool idea:0508A10


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