This Great Dane Was So Malnourished He Ate His Own Foot. Now the Owners are Heading to Prison

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Police headed to a home and discovered a Great Dane tied to a metal pole. The dog, now named Luke, had no food or water nearby, leading him to become seriously malnourished. In an attempt to survive, Luke ate more than half of his back right leg. Now, the owners are facing charges.

Luke is now in the care of Noah’s Arks Rescue after police in South Carolina found the starving Great Dane at a Ware Shoals home. According to a report by the Daily Mail, two other dogs who were also on the property were deemed “fine” by the rescue.

Luke was in such poor shape that he ate his foot in an attempt to avoid starving to death.

“Animal Control came out to a home where several dogs lived outside,” said the rescue organization. “Two were fine but Luke, the Great Dane had been so starved that he had eaten his foot off to survive. It appeared he had been this way for almost two weeks.”

Police had received a call for a “very skinny” Great Dane that was missing most of his back right leg. One of the dog’s owners, 32-year-old Jessica James, stated that Luke, whose name was Lucifer at the time, had attempted to jump a fence, so he was chained to a pole.

James also told law enforcement that she and the other owner, 38-year-old Skylar Craft, attempted to treat Luke’s injury but could not afford veterinary care.

The pair gave contradictory stories about how long Luke was chained up as well as when he sustained the injury.

When police examined the area where Luke was kept, they found no food or water nearby. Upon his arrival at the rescue, Luke weighed only 70 pounds.

Luke’s owners have been charged with ill treatment of animals.

Luke initially was in critical condition, as he was battling multiple infections.

“Luke had two good days, and then his body could no longer keep the infections he had from taking over,” said the rescue in a Facebook post. “His upper airway became compromised from the continued flow of nasal discharge. In addition to that, the infection in his leg grew more extensive and more purulent. We brought in a Team of Specialists to take over his Medical to make sure we were treating his infections with the appropriate antibiotics.”

Now, he is receiving treatment and is on the path to recovery.