This Couples Attempt to Escape a Convenience Store is Absolutely Ridiculous [VIDEO]

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When a convenience store owner became suspicious of a couple, believing they were attempting to use a stolen credit card, he did what any reasonable person would do and called the police. Once the authorities arrived, what can only be described as a comedy of errors ensued as the man and woman attempted to avoid being taken into custody.

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Paul Chauhan, the owner of King Street Reddi Mart in Spruce Grove, Canada, became suspicious when the man attempted to purchase a soda by tapping a credit card on the machine. Each time the man tried to make a purchase, the card was declined.

Chauhan recommended trying to swipe or insert the card into the machine. The man then said that the card belonged to his girlfriend and that she was at work.

Chauhan then saw the man sitting outside of the store with a woman, whom he assumed was the girlfriend, according to a report by CBC. He contacted the police, stating that he believed the couple was in possession of a stolen card.

“As the RCMP member attempted to detain both suspects, the male pushed the female suspect at the officer,” Const. Shelley Nasheim, an RCMP spokesperson, wrote in the news release.

The pair fought against the officers, attempting to evade arrest. During the altercation, the man loses his shirt.

The man attempted to flee the store through the back but was met with a locked door.

After returning to the front, he grabbed a bag of snacks as a makeshift weapon but was quickly approached by an armed officer.

Not ready to give up, the man swipes at the officer’s taser, though was quickly brought down when the officer tasered him.

After recovering, the man makes a break for it again, though it stopped by the officer and Chauhan who was at the door.

While the officers fought with the man, the woman ran into the back and climbed into the ceiling using a ladder. However, she wasn’t successful in her escape, eventually crashing through the tiles onto some metal shelving.

After the fall, the woman gives up.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured during the incident, and the pair were taken into custody.

By the time the incident was over, the couple faces a slew of charges, including possession of a stolen credit card, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, attempting to disarm an officer, and many more.

It all started with a stolen credit card…(2:34)