This Company Will Send a Fart in a Jar to The Special Someone This Christmas!

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The title to this article really sums it up nicely, but there’s more to consider. Yes, there’s the potential gift-giving hilarity that would surely come from sending some of this kind of holiday cheer, but be on the lookout for odd gifts in jars. We all know someone on the naughty list who is going to find this the perfect opportunity spread some holiday cheer.

“A fart in a jar? Can you explain please? Yes, yes I can: it’s a glass jar, with a lid on, and inside the jar is a fart,” Unilad writes.

A fart in a jar, and just in time for the holidays. This comes from the brains behind the aptly named Farts Direct.

Here’s how they describe their new innovation.

“For years, the notorious ‘Fart’ has been the topic of much hilarity and conversation.  Flatulence, trump and bottom-burp are just a few expressions used in modern-day society for breaking wind.  But still they are immensely funny… to the childish and immature (where’s the fun in growing up anyway?)”

“Farting is a part of what beautiful mother nature created right?  And we should be loud and proud about it!”

The company is selling several unique aromas: ‘Sprout Stench’, ‘Stuffing Shart’, or ‘Curry Napalm.’ You can also add a personalized message to the jar. The note will sit, clearly visible, inside the jar and give the recipient a better reason to open it.

“We need to let the stigma surrounding farts go,” Founder and CEO of Farts Direct, Martin Grix, said, “by letting one go. It’s important to share the guff – especially at Christmas time.”

Just how Farts Direct will get the farts into the jars is a bit of a trade secret, closely protected. They claim they are non-toxic, which would be a disappointment for some of their customers.

The Farts Direct team isn’t based in the states, though, which might make shipping prohibitive. For those of us on this side of the pond, Farts Direct recommends