This Company Wants to Pay Someone $5k/Week to Travel the Country Eating BBQ

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Reading this article could change your life. Not if you’re a vegan, perhaps. And not if you are a homebody. But if you appreciate barbecue and like to travel, this could be your call-to-action. Reynolds Wrap is looking for a BBQ aficionado. They want to pay someone to travel around the country eating BBQ and writing about it on social media.

“On Tuesday,” Thrillist writes, “Reynolds Wrap (that stuff you wrap your leftovers in) announced it is hiring a ‘Chief Grilling Officer,’ whose sacred duty will be to travel across the United States eating BBQ, documenting the eating of BBQ, and getting paid for eating BBQ.”

“Best of all, the CGO will get to bring a friend (or a lover or a total stranger — up to you!) for the BBQ sauce-fueled journey. Reynolds didn’t reveal exactly where you’ll be traveling for the gig, but said ‘sampling and savoring grilled goods from some of the top barbecue cities in the country’.”

This isn’t a full time gig. Unfortunately it ends after just two months. But they’ll pay $10,000 for two weeks of travel. Stops along the way will include numerous BBQ spots. The goal is for the BBQ crew to seek out BBQ best practices and chronicle them for the rest of us–the ones who don’t get the job.

The CGO will chronicle the journey and the stops, the meat and the cooking techniques on social channels and the Reynolds Kitchens website.

“[I]f you don’t mind being paid to taste test some of the most delicious grilled dishes from across the country, posting envy-inducing pictures of your finds and falling asleep every night dreaming about your next meal, then you could have what it takes to be Reynolds Wrap’s Chief Grilling Officer,” the company writes.

To apply, submit 100 words about why you think you’d be a good fit. Send a picture of your favorite grilling recipe, too. The applications should be sent to [email protected] between July 31 through August 13.