This Company Just Gave All of Their Employees Guns of Their Choice For Christmas [VIDEO]

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With the holidays right around the corner, many companies are looking for the least expensive way to show they care about their employees. Office gifts can’t be too religious in nature. They should be somewhat personal, though. The whole gift-giving thing is complicated. One company, though, has hit the bullseye.

BenShot is a “Wisconsin-based novelty glassware company with a gun culture tie-in,” writes.

“BenShot, which specializes in crafting glasses that look as if they have taken a slug — complete with the bullet still in the side of the glass — has presented each of their staff with the gift of a gun this year.”

The company, based in Hortonville, handed out $8,000 in gift cards that the employees will use to buy guns.

Ben Wolfgram, co-founder of the company, wants the employees to buy a gun that they’d want. If they hunt, this is an opportunity for a new rifle or shotgun. Those who might have concerns about personally safety could opt for something more compact.

The purchases were all handled by licensed gun dealers. “That way the background check was done by the store,” Wolfgram said. “We are a small, close-knit team at BenShot. I want to make sure all of employees are safe and happy – a handgun was the perfect gift.”

In the photo, a couple of the employees are holding AK pattern rifles. There are a couple of AR-15s. The revolver remains a popular choice, both in its compact concealed carry variant and an overbuilt stainless .357. There are numerous other pistols mixed in, too, including a Desert Eagle.

“For him to stand for something and for the company to stand for keeping us safe is really awesome for them to do that,” employee Chelsea Priest told reporters.

There were obvious safety concerns, of course, and not all of the employees wanted a gun. Two reportedly declined the offer, but still took the gun safety class that was mandatory for all of the employees.

Wolfgram sees the gift as an opportunity to educate and promote team building within his staff. He’s also pleased that the staff is treating the gift with some seriousness.

“For us, now, we have an entire armed staff,” Wolfgram said. “I think that’s pretty good.”

And it’s fitting. “Our mission is to create unique glassware designs,” their site reads The ‘Bulletproof’ shot glass started as a father and son project and developed into a family business. Everything we make is our own design and 100% Made in the USA.”