This Army Wife Is Stunned to Find Picture of Her Breastfeeding has Become Viral Controversy [PHOTOS]

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A 21-year-old Army wife caused a social media stir when a picture of her breastfeeding her baby at a wedding went viral.

Naomi Jael Covert frequently posts picture of her and 10-month-old TJ on Instagram but none have gotten the response of one she posted this week. Here’s a typical pic of the two:


But what’s causing a stir is this picture, taken at a friend’s wedding the two attended, of TJ breastfeeding during the reception:

The picture went viral with more than 6,000 likes on Naomi’s page and another 20,000 on empoweredbirthproject’s Instagram page.


Naomi told Buzzfeed she was shocked when she woke up in the morning and saw the overwhelming reaction because it’s definitely not the first picture of TJ breastfeeding that she’s posted.

Cover is aware that many moms are hesitant to feed their babies in public, particularly at big events and she “wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed, no matter the circumstances.”

“I made the silly face because it’s literally not a big deal to feed your baby,” she said. “It’s just a breast; that’s what God gave me to use when baby is hungry.”

An avid fitness enthusiast, Naomi was stunned by people’s comments telling her to “hide under a rock” or “throw a blanket on” and said there’s a huge hypocrisy on Instagram.

She talks about how people will “‘like’ girls on Insta with crop tops and big cleavage but call feeding a baby at a wedding horrible”.

Naoimi also points out that the guests at the wedding were more mature than the internet (shocking, right?), and helped her unhook her dress so TJ could be fed.

“It is nothing sexual, it’s just another person eating.”