Things Get Worse for United Airlines As Scorpion Falls Into Passenger’s Hair and Strikes [VIDEO]

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United Airlines has had a bad week. As far as public relations go, it may be the most turbulent week ever for the company. After video of a passenger was forcibly removed from a flight went viral, the CEO of united tried to blame the passenger. And now there’s something even more unusual. A scorpion fell from an overhead compartment and bit a passenger.

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The incident happened as one couple was coming home from a two week vacation in Mexico. They were on their way back to Calgary. Richard and Linda Bell were on United Airlines flight 1418 out of Houston when the trouble began.

The scorpion, which had been in an overhead luggage bin, fell into Richard Bell’s hair.

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“I look down,” Linda Bell said, “and I thought, ‘aw, it kind of looks like a little lobster.’”

The scorpion was small, less than two inches in length, and a golden tan color. The man seated next to the Bells told them that it was a scorpion, and that he should be careful.

Richard bell picked it off of his lap and dropped it onto a plate, but he reportedly picked it up again and it stung his hand.

It “felt like a wasp sting,” he said.

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He dropped it fast, and a passenger stomped on it. They someone from the flight crew dumped it in the toilet and flushed it. That seemed like a logical thing to do at the time, but when the plane landed authorities wanted to see the scorpion, and Bell no longer had it.

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The pain from the bite was real enough, though, and the flight was met at the gate by paramedics who confirmed that Bell did get bitten.

“The pilot announced it,” passenger John Rogers said. “Because the passenger was bitten, emergency services, the fire department and police boarded the plane.”