Thief Tries to Rob Female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter. Ends Up Crying & Begging for Mercy [VIDEO]

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Last Tuesday, 22-year-old Sabrina Leites was standing outside of her home when she was approached by two men on a motorcycle. They attempted to mug her, demanding Leites hand over her cell phone. However, Leites didn’t succumb to their demands. Instead, she decided to take action, making the most of her four years of jiu-jitsu training.

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The incident took place in Manaus, Brazil, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Magdeel da Silva, 18, and another man attempted to rob Leites, but video from the scene shows that they weren’t too successful.

Leites was opening a gate at her family home when da Silva and his accomplice pulled up near her on a motorcycle. The pair demanded that Leites hand over her cell phone, but she didn’t give in to their demands.

Relying on her four years of jiu-jitsu experience, Leites decided to defend herself. When her neighbor spotted the mugging attempt, he came to assist, hitting one of the men with his vehicle.

Leites managed to get da Silva in an armbar, and she held in on the pavement until law enforcement arrived. In total, she restrained Silva for around 20 minutes.

“No more, no more,” da Silva can be heard crying.

At one point in the video, Leites pauses to give a thumbs up.

“When you have the technique you know how to act in a situation of immobilization because all this is a technique of immobilization,” said Leites when discussing the incident.

Leites admitted that, even with her martial arts experience, what she did was dangerous. Additionally, she asserts that “if they were armed,” she would have handled things differently.

“They just got scared by saying ‘pass the phone.’ I saw that they had nothing, so I reacted,” she said.

“If they were armed, I would have never reacted.”

Da Silva was ultimately arrested and now faces an attempted robbery charge.