They Were Told to Leave the 9/11 Memorial For Carrying the American Flag. Their Response is Flawless. [VIDEO]

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A shocking and appalling incident was caught on video and posted on Facebook June 3, 2017, clearly demonstrating why all Americans need to know and demand their Constitutional rights. Three men who carried American flags into the 9/11 Memorial to show their respects to the victims lost that day, are approached by an employee telling them they can’t have the American flag at the memorial.

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The original Facebook post reads: “We walked to the 9/11 Memorial to pay our respects and place our hands on the names of those lost and to pray for them. This was such an emotional moment for me. I was approached by 2 security guards and this is what took place. ‘You can’t express yourselves here like that.’ Say what????”

They were informed by the two security guards that they could not carry an American flag into the memorial site as apparently, the guards are concerned that the flag might incite some kind of incident. The security guard doing all the talking obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about as she is directly contradicting the Constitution and attempting to infringe upon the men’s First Amendment rights.

The main man speaking with the security guard explained that he simply had a flag, nothing that should incite rage or anger from the other visitors at the site. He wrote, “I had no flag in hand nor any Trump swag on. Strictly a “Freedom” shirt for AFK. The back read: ‘”Our views may differ but our rights do not.”‘

The man speaking with the security guard refuses to argue at the memorial site and decides to simply walk away, even as the security guard continues to argue with him.

At the end of the post, which was posted on Jay Secretary‘s page, he wrote, “I can’t make this up folks. This is unacceptable! And to even begin to argue with someone at a memorial??? Disgraceful!!!”

It is never made clear what the issue was for the security guard, but as you can see from the picture below, the man in the video was correct; NYPD didn’t seem to have an issue with the flags. It appears the NYPD officer was more than happy to take a photo with the men.

The back of man’s shirt perfectly sums up the moral of the video, “Our views may differ but our rights do not.”