They Released a Dove at a Funeral. Things Went Very Bad for the Dove too [VIDEO]

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A funeral is always supposed to be a solemn and dignified event, anyone who has been to one can attest to that. Some families and organizations have long-standing traditions that take place when a loved one is lost, whereas certain individuals have there own requests. Either way, one thing is for certain — It just adds insult to injury when things go wrong.dove 2

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The customs that were being performed at this funeral held recently at an unknown location, most likely in the southern United States, didn’t exactly go according to plan. Doves are quite often used in religious ceremonies and in this particular case four were being released; one representing the human spirit and another three symbolic of the Holy Trinity.

dove 1

While mourners were gathered around, a few words were said by one of the bird-trainers. “In the Bible, the Lord speaks to how spiritual the white dove is to his teachings,” he said. “As we release these doves today, remember, don’t grieve for me, for I too, the white dove, have been set free,” adding “Lift up your hearts and share with me, God wanted me now, he set me free.” A female co-handler took the dove over to a little girl to pet before being safely released as a symbol of spiritual freedom.

dove 3

Next came the release of the doves symbolizing the Holy Trinity and that’s where things would take a turn for the worst. The three birds were released into the air, however, one of them must have got a little frightened and, much to the shock of the mourners gathered, flew over a fence and into the path of an oncoming truck, accompanied by the collective gasps and shrieks of all in attendance.

dove 4

Much debate has been had about the use of live birds at events and ceremonies such as this. While many see the ritual at a funeral as a heartfelt tribute to a loved one, it has also been argued that releasing doves in such a manner is confusing to the birds, causing them to fly off in random directions, as one did on this occasion.

h/t Daily Mail