These 6 Memes Perfectly Illustrate Why Trying to Storm Area 51 is a Horrible Idea

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A Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” quickly went viral. The minds behind the event are trying to jokingly get people to “meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction” to “coordinate our entry,” with the supposed goal of getting past security so everyone can “see them aliens.”

While, according to a report by CNN, the event is “all a big joke,” it has garnered a lot of attention. Over 788,000 Facebook users say they plan to attend the event, which is scheduled for September 20. An additional 704,000 users listed themselves as interested.

The event has also led to some hilarious memes, many of which illustrate why trying to storm Area 51 would be a terrible decision.

Barbara used a clip from a video game to prove her point.

Epi presented a scenario where a time traveler referred to the event as “the great Area 51 massacre.”

One Twitter user joked that, after arriving at the event on a bicycle, he’d be able to make an E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial-style escape.

Another Twitter user offered advice for anyone who went to the event and managed to make it home after.

Joe posted a joke warning about the risk of what could happen “after I save an alien.”

One user posted about the possibility that Area 51 is just a regular military installation with no alien presence.

Whether the group of event-goers will actually go through with the attempt isn’t clear, particularly since the event wasn’t intended to be taken seriously. However, a GoFundMe has been launched by someone trying to raise money for “supplies needed to infiltrate Area 51,” though they could merely be joining in on the joke.