The World’s Largest Firefighting Airplane is Now Fighting the California Wildfire

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According to local authorities, the Global SuperTanker, a modified Boeing 747-400 aircraft known for being the largest firefighting airplane on the planet, is taking part in the fight against the raging infernos in California. The plane is capable of carrying 18,000 gallons of fire retardant and is actively working to help control the deadly blazes.

The Global SuperTanker is battling the flames in one of the worst-hit areas in California. So far, according to a report by the Daily Mail, deadly wildfires have been responsible for 31 deaths and the destruction of thousands of homes.

In comparison to other aircraft, the Global SuperTanker can hold nearly 17 times more liquid than similar planes.

On Friday alone, the airplane dropped four loads of the fire retardant over parts of California. Dan Reese, the CEO of the Colorado company that owns the aircraft asserted that they intend to keep working in the area.

“We plan on being there until we’re released by Cal Fire,” said Reese.

Currently, three major fires are ravaging California: the Camp Fire, and the Woolsey and Hill fires.

The Camp Fire effectively wiped the town of Paradise, located in Butte County, off the map. The Woolsey and Hill fires are burning just northwest of Los Angeles.

The Global SuperTanker didn’t make an appearance during the summer blazes in California as the company didn’t have a contract that allowed them to work on federal land.

John Hawkins, a firefighter working in the area, captured footage of the massive plane dropping red fire retardant liquid over an affected area.