‘The View’ Erupts Over 2nd Amendment When Whoopi Calls Co-Host a Liar, Says It’s “About a Militia” [VIDEO]

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The ever-rotating hosts of “The View” are considered predominantly liberal except for a few conservatives here and there. So when the topic of the Second Amendment came up in the wake of Wednesday’s shooting that injured House Majority Steve Scalise and four others, conservatives knew liberals were going to make it about guns.

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The two veteran hosts of the show, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, both echoed similar sentiments starting with the typical anti-gun rhetoric and what-if scenarios.

“I’d be afraid that some guy on the subway would have a fit, just go mad because he was upset somebody took his seat … and shoot somebody else,” Behar said, not noting that armed passengers would have been able to defend themselves or stop the shooter.

Goldberg agreed with Behar’s assessment of firearms in America and decided to take it up a notch going as far as to say that “the Second Amendment is about a militia.”

In the midst of the two liberal host promoting their liberal ideologies, liberal host Jedediah Bila was asked by Goldberg if she had been around people who were “afraid of guns?”

“I have,” Bila replied. Goldberg interrupted her before she could even finish the sentence by stating, “I don’t believe you, Jed. I don’t believe you.” Bila retorted back with, “I’m a conservative! They’re a very pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment [group].”

Bila was then asked by Goldberg if she felt safe in states where guns were more prevalent. “I’m not worried about law-abiding citizens carrying guns,” Bila explained. “They don’t make me nervous.”

The once Hollywood actress, Goldberg, continued with her what-if scenarios stating what if everyone had a gun and the cops didn’t know who the active shooter was? “The problem is, if the Capitol Police weren’t there … there would have been a massacre there,” Bila said.

It’s important to note, Goldberg never once in that what-if statement used the option of men and women bearing arms being able to defend themselves if an active shooter was near them. “The View” has given this same bombastic response to the second amendment issue prior to today, but thankfully Bila was there this time to set them straight.