The Force Is Strong With This One: StepFather Defends Himself From Knife Wielding Daughter With a Lightsaber Toy

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The force is strong with one South Carolina father as he channeled his inner Jedi knight after he used a toy lightsaber to fend off his stepdaughter, who was coming at him with two knives.


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The daughter Kayla Knapp, who showed her dark side during this incident, was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, according to the Charlotte Observer.


The incident transpired after an altercation that took place in their apartment early last week. The enraged 17-year-old grabbed two kitchen knives and rushed her stepfather. Without any time to defend himself, the unnamed father grabbed the nearest object, a toy lightsaber.


The stepfather hit his attacker multiple times with the Jedi knight’s chosen weapon of choice until she finally stopped the attack, according to witnesses. The stepfather reportedly didn’t sustain any wounds from Knapp, so it’s easy to make light of his unusual weapon.


The surprising factor here is how well the toy weapon actually worked. You see it being used in the movies in a duel to the death, but who knew it would actually work as a weapon? Now, I don’t imagine this was a Darth Maul Obi-Wan esc battle, but more along the lines of a Kylo Ren v. Rey style of fight.

Or maybe this was more like a comic-con reenact. Sure, these guys are not trained to do the flips and acrobatic stunts as seen in the movies, but it’s still entertaining nevertheless. It hasn’t been reported if the Jedi stepfather used any movie-worthy stunts during the altercation, but one can only hope.


The real icing on the cake to this news story would be if the stepfather made the lightsaber noises as he was slashing back at Knapp. It just goes to show if you believe in the force, nothing can stand in your way.