THAT’LL LEAVE A MARK: Bullfighter Gets Gored Where the Sun Don’t Shine [VIDEO]

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Every occupation has its risks, some more hazardous than others, but being a matador would have to be near the top of the list of perilous pastimes. Matadors are revered in Spanish culture, but is the acclaim really worth the danger that comes with tormenting large, horned mammals for a living?

bull 1

Horrifying footage has emerged of Antonio Romero, a matador in Mexico City, being gored in one of the worst ways possible on Monday; Romero took a bull’s horn directly up the rectum, an incident that cause what have only been described as “severe” injuries.


Romero was facing off against Caporal, a 1,106 lb. bull on Monday when disaster struck — Caporal gored Romero. Although that’s a situation that nothing good can come from, it was made worse by the location of the injury. The enormous beast drove its horn eleven inches into the matador’s rectal area, after which he can be seen in the video writhing in pain.

bull 5

Romero initially seemed in control before the incident goading the bull with his red cloth, known as a muleta in bullfighting circles, but as the animal pivoted around him, something went wrong. Caporal reared up and caught Romero on the arm, knocking him off balance. The bull then proceeded to gore him on the ground, only stopping when other bullfighters came to their colleague’s aid and managed to distract the beast.

bull 3

The matador was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to treat horrific injuries of the rectal area after the incident that allegedly destroyed his sphincter, however, it is unknown if Romero has been discharged yet. It may seem like a prime example of horrendously bad luck, but this is far from an isolated case.

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A similar incident occured earlier this year during the Carnival of the Bull in Salamanca in north-west Spain. On that particular occasion a man was gored up the rectum and tossed around like a rag doll. This week’s incident wasn’t quite that bad in hindsight, but it still wasn’t pretty. Take a look at the video if you’re brave enough!