American Yoga Teacher Guns Down 2 of 4 Home Invaders [VIDEO]

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I suppose the old saying it true; you can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl. This is something four burglars found out the hard way in Chilli.


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Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa came face to face with four home intruders after they stormed her bedroom and held her at gunpoint. The would-be robbers hit the 61-year-old woman and attempted to tie her up so they could ransack the home.

Khalsa was able to free herself from her restraints and was able to reach under her pillow to retrieve her registered Taurus model revolver and shot two of the four intruders.


The other two assailants were reportedly upstairs of the Batuco home when they heard the gunshots and proceeded to run from the home in fear. The other two that were shot weren’t so lucky. reported one man was shot five times and he died where he stood. The other man who was shot, stumbled out into the front yard of the home and collapsed, dying from his injuries.


Jose Nunez, the office manager of the condominium complex, commented on Khalsa’s quick thinking and applauded her self-preservation. “This is not a grandma as you can imagine,” she said. “So don’t be imagining a little grandma who killed two crooks with her cane.”

The prosecutor in the case informed the media Friday that Khalsa wouldn’t be facing charges as she operated in her rights of self-protection.


Authorities are concerned with a form of retaliation from the men, who are presumably gang affiliated. “We fear that she might suffer some sort of reprisal,” authorities said. Khalsa, who is a yoga instructor, says on her profile she practiced martial arts and studied sociology.


In a recent interview with a local radio station, Khalsa declined to speak on the incident that took place in her home. Perhaps those intruders should have done some research before choosing someone Khalsa. Choosing someone that isn’t “packing” would be a good start.