Tesla Restores Power to a Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

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Tesla leads the world in technological advancements. Elon Musk, the company’s founder, spearheads the SpaceX program that uses advanced rockets for space missions. There’s no doubt that Musk is a visionary. But it’s what Musk and his company did for victims suffering in the wake of Hurricane Maria that really has everyone talking.

Tesla used solar panels and batteries to restore power to a children’s hospital in Puerto Rico. The new system the hospital is  now using can provide all the power the hospital needs, according to Musk.

Thousands have been without power after a category 5 hurricane hit the island in early October, decimating the power grid for the entire island.

Musk talked with Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello days after the storm took out all power on the island. In a mere three weeks, Musk was able to restore power to those who desperately need it.

Telsa posted images to its social media account, showing a Tesla team standing next to the hospital that they had just restored power to. The post has been liked over 84,000 times with countless viewers thanking the team for their hard work and dedication.

According to NPR, the children’s hospital facilitates 35 permanent residents who require care for the better part of the day. As of Oct. 25, only 25 percent of the island’s power had been restored. Initial projections predict that some parts of the island could be without power for up to six months.

Musk and Rossello hinted that they may be working together again in the near future restoring power to other parts of the ravaged US territory.

Musk delayed plans to unveil an electric truck and the Model 3 car in order to help Puerto Rico, according to the Daily Mail.

Musk tweeted Wednesday that he is “sending experienced installers from the continental US to hire & train local team as fast as possible.” Sometimes all anyone needs is someone willing to step up and help. Well done, Tesla.