Tesla CEO Elon Musk Agrees to Use 10-Year-Old-Girl’s Marketing Plan [VIDEO]

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Tesla has been redefining the car, so it should come as no surprise that they are now redefining the way car companies handle their marketing. And they’re starting with the advice of a 10-year-old-girl.

After a young fan wrote Tesla with her novel idea for guerilla marketing, Tesla has agreed to hold a competition for fan-made commercials. The winner will be get the honor of making Tesla’s very first official commercial.

Bria Loveday, a fifth-grader from Detroit, wrote a letter to Elon Musk suggesting her idea.

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“I have noticed that you do not advertise, but many people make homemade commercials for Tesla and some of them are very good, they look professional and are entertaining,” Loveday wrote. “So, I think that you should run a competition on who can make the best homemade Tesla commercial and the winners will get their commercial aired.”

Her father, Steven Loveday, write about electric cars for Inside EVs. He spoke to  CNNMoney about his daughter’s letter.  Steven Loveday explained to Bria that Tesla didn’t really need to advertise, as their supply was not keeping up with the demand.

Yet Bria was impressed with the quality and determination of fans who were making videos on their own.

Loveday had wanted to mail her letter, the old fashioned way, but her father talked her into a more modern delivery method. “I told her that we’re not going to be hearing from Elon Musk if you snail mailed it,” he said.

So she emailed it.

“It was less than an hour and I was driving my daughter home from karate, and Elon had already responded,” Loveday said.

A representative in Public Relations took the message to Musk, who responded personally. “Thanks for the lovely letter,” Musk tweeted on Wednesday. “That sounds like a great idea. We’ll do it!”

There are no details about when the contest will commence, or what the details will be, though Loveday has her own ideas about what the prizes should be. She’s suggested “a year of free supercharging or a Model 3 Easter Egg.”

She also asked Musk for a t-shirt.

She’s getting her t-shirt, and a pretty nice line for her 10-year-old’s resume.

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For those who want to know more about what’s being called “Project Loveday,” head over to the Tesla site.