Terrifying Video Shows Bear Chasing Mountain Bikers

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A terrifying moment was captured on video in an isolated forest of Slovakia as a massive bear is seen running after a bicyclist. The heart-pounding footage was captured by a GoPro camera that was attached to one of the two cyclists helmets and later uploaded to YouTube.


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What looks to be a brown bear can be seen coming into the frame as the cyclists are roaring down the trail at a high rate of speed. The bear can be seen coming from the right of the screen from a dense forest and giving chase to the cyclist in front of the recorder.


The bear looks to be going full speed at the cyclist who notices him out of the corner of his eye. As you might imagine, the cyclist begins to peddle faster in an efforts to get away from the bear.


Shortly after the bear began his chase, he must have gotten discouraged by his unusually fast prey as he eventually stops and then darts back into the woods he came from.


The biker recording the footage yells for his friend to stop and he bikes back to him. The bikers talk for a bit, probably about the near death incident they just endured, and then eventually continue down the trail. If it wasn’t for the bikers’ high rate of speed, this story could have had a much darker ending.


Bears chasing down cyclists in the woods is a rare occurrence, but bear encounters are not uncommon. Recently, a black bear gave a Connecticut family of four the shock of a lifetime when he came out of the woods and approached their home.


The family had just made brownies and put them on the window sill to cool. According to the family, the bear was gnawing and clawing at their door for 30 minutes. Luckily, the people in both of these stories were unharmed and now have the story of a lifetime to tell.