Ten-year-Old Boy Charged with Aggravated Assault After a Dodgeball Injury [VIDEO]

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On April 29, Cameishi Lindley’s 10-year-old son was playing dodgeball at school when he accidentally hit another student in the face with the ball. Lindley didn’t know anything had happened that day until almost three months later when she got a call from a local detention center explaining that her son had been charged with aggravated assault because of that dodgeball game.

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Bryce Lindley was playing dodgeball at his Michigan elementary school when he threw a ball that hit another student in the face. Bryce explained it was just an accident, and nobody thought anything of it. Then, on July 24, Cameishi received a call from a clerk at Wayne County Juvenile Court, who explained her son’s charges.

Bryce was placed on a one-day suspension from school at the time of the incident. The child who was injured reportedly received a concussion. The injured child’s mother claimed her son suffered from a medical condition, which made him susceptible to head injuries, Yahoo News reported.

In addition, the injured child allegedly had a black eye and a bruised nose. “I couldn’t believe it,” Cameishi told 7 Action News when she heard of the news her son had been charged.

The injured child’s mother, who wished not be named, nor to have her son named, claimed she “tried not to let it get to this point” but as her son has suffered from similar injuries in the past from physical activity, she felt she needed to make it an issue.

Maria Miller, a Wayne County assistant prosecuting attorney, told Yahoo that the case “was evaluated by our Juvenile Prosecuting Unit, and it was determined that there was enough evidence for us to charge aggravated assault.”

Since the news broke on the issue, droves of people have given their two cents on the issue with many siding with the boy accused of the crime. Many simply chalked it up to kids being kids, especially with the incident taking place on school grounds.

Bryce is due in court on August 1, but his mother created a fundraiser on Facebook to help cover the exorbitant legal fee costs. The Lindleys stated they were not aware of the child’s medical condition and questioned why he was playing a game such as dodgeball, where the goal is to hit your opponent with a rubber ball.