Teens Terrorize Homeowners with a Series of Robberies, Get Arrested After Trying to Rob Armed Man

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A group of teenage suspects allegedly terrorized homeowners with a series of robberies. On Wednesday, two of the suspects approached a man who was watering his lawn, demanding he hand over his money. Then, the homeowner does something the teens didn’t expect, drawing a handgun out of his pocket and aiming it in their direction.

The incident took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The teens were allegedly part of a group that was responsible for a spate of robberies in the city.

A security camera recorded the moment a pair of teens approached a male homeowner while he was watering his lawn. Instead of giving in to their demands that he hand over his money, the man draws a handgun from his pocket and confronts the teens.

One of the teens got in a nearby vehicle, attempting to get away from the man. However, police were able to catch up to the car.

There was a short chase before the suspects crashed their vehicle.

Andrew Payton, 20, was arrested at the scene of the crash along with a 17-year-old suspect.

A 15-year-old accomplice fled on foot and ran through a neighbor’s backyard.

The neighbor, Zachariah Cook, saw the running teen and shot him. The 15-year-old did not sustain serious injuries, and was also arrested.

Tulsa Police Officer J.P. Ward stated that law enforcement began a city-wide search for the suspects after several reports were made, suggesting a mini crime spree was taking place.

In one of the earlier incidents, a trio of suspects allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint while the homeowner was mowing his lawn, getting away with $12 and his bank card.

“We got a pretty good description of the vehicle at that point and then, we got some officers on scene and they exactly found some photos of the vehicle in neighboring houses’ security systems,” said Ward.

Some reports suggest there is a fourth suspect, though no one else has been located.

Though Cook claims the teen was running toward him as the suspect cut through his yard, prompting him to shoot, he was also arrested for opening fire on the 15-year-old suspect. He was charged with shooting with intent to kill, though the charge may be dropped if a judge determines that his use of force was justifiable.