Teens Roll Police Chief’s Truck with Toilet Paper as a Prank. They Weren’t Ready for the Official Response.

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When someone adorned the Chief of Police’s pickup truck and a nearby tree with several rolls of toilet paper, the police took to Facebook to express their concern for the vandalism. That may have been a logical response, but no one expected their stern admonition would come with a dose of nostalgic appreciation for the old-fashioned prank.

The police in Salina, Utah don’t see much in the way of big-city crime. Salina is a rural community in one of the most rural states in the country. The small town is a quiet place with a strong religious identity and deep conservative roots. The mountain views are spectacular, especially after a desert rain.

Yet their small-town isn’t free from vandalism, as the toilet paper demonstrates. And they seem to have taken the incident in stride, saying the prank “has several positive effects.”

“The Salina City Police do not recommend this type of activity,” they note officiously. “Having said that, this activity has several positive effects. This has caused a few youngsters to get their face out of the screen, prevented them from eating tide pods, snorting condoms or Smarties. This also has many health benefits including a little cardio as you ran around toilet papering the Chief of Police’s truck, breathing deeper than normal while laughing your guts out creating a lifelong memory with your friends.”

“This also caused a few adults to get outside and exercise, breathing deeper than normal cleaning up the mess all while laughing their guts out reminiscing about their youth when they did the exact same thing with their friends.”

“But, some people would not appreciate this happening to them. Once again, the Salina City Police do not recommend this type of activity.”

While there’s a point about the misdemeanor vandalism’s role in cardio stimulation, simple acts of civil disobedience don’t mean the youthful miscreants won’t also eat tide pods or snort condoms, but there’s always hope.

The real lesson for the vandals is the admission on the part of the police. They, too, once engaged in this sort of mischief. That may be the most sobering message from the Salina PD’s post. If these kids aren’t careful, they may end up with a career in law enforcement.