Teen’s ‘Mind Blown’ After Tattooed, Confederate Flag Wearing Man Pulled Over and Changed Family’s Flat Tire

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A 17-year-old shared a story on Twitter that shows you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover.” While riding in a car with her father, they blew a tire, leading them to pull over. A good Samaritan pulled over to offer them assistance, and he happened to be wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt.

On Thursday, the teen, who goes by Channnn on Twitter and identifies as a black American, shared the story on social media, including an image of the man, identified as Cody, who stopped to help.

“So my dads tire blew up on the freeway and this dude, with a confederate flag tattoo, wearing a confederate flag t-shirt, with confederate flag car stickers, stopped and changed out tire,” she wrote.

“My mind is blown, don’t judge a book by its cover y’all.”

In a follow-up tweet, Channnn said that she doesn’t identify as “liberal or conservative,” but as a person who thinks for herself. She did add that she doesn’t believe in flying the “Confederate flag or the Virginia battle flag.”

“For me and my family, as a black person, the Confederate army = oppression,” she wrote in another tweet, according to a report by the Independent Journal Review. “Therefore the flag as a symbol utilized = oppression.”

She went on to say, “To me, if you the support the confederate flag ( or Virginian battle flag) you refuse to recognize or validate my opinion or how it makes me feel or than the flag when used in a battle on the confederate side the intended use was perverted.”

However, she did address Twitter users saying that the face-to-face encounter taught her that “not everyone sees it that way.”

“Y’all associate the flag with different sentiments, not necessarily racist ones,” she said in a tweet. “Cody is a great guy and my dad and I are grateful for his help.”

“Do I agree with his flag supporting? No. Is he a nice guy? Yep.”