Teenager Wins Lottery Twice in One Week

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Many people dream of winning the lottery, but few dare to imagine taking home a large prize twice in one week. However, that is exactly what happened to Rosa Dominguez, a lucky teenager from California. Dominguez grabbed a $5 scratch-off ticket and won over half a million dollars. Then, just days later, she bought another $5 ticket and won again.

As reported by KTLA, 19-year old Dominguez stopped for gas in Paso Robles and decided to buy a few scratch-off tickets while she was there. She was traveling home from Arizona at the time of the purchase.

One of the $5 tickets, a $5 Power 5, ended up being a winner worth $555,555. It was the top prize amount available in the Power 5 game. The odds of winning any amount in the Power 5 game are 1 in 3.75, but chances of securing the $555,555 prize from that line of scratch-off tickets, as reported by the California Lottery, are 1 in 1,510,543.

When speaking with the California Lottery about her first win, Dominguez said, “I was so nervous, I just wanted to cry.”

A few days later, Dominguez purchased a single scratch-off ticket from a gas station in Greenfield, a store close to her home. This time, the one $5 ticket, a $5 Lucky Fortune, resulted in a $100,000 win, which is the top prize for that particular game. The overall odds of getting any prize from the Lucky Fortune game are 1 in 3.57. However, the odds of winning the $100,000 are said to be 1 in 1,203,275 according to the California Lottery.

In the end, she took home the top prize amount in two games all within the same week. This ended up bringing her total winnings to $655,555.

When asked what she intended to do with the money, she said she was going to go shopping and buy a new car.