Teenager Flashed Gang Signs on Facebook. It Got Him Brutally Killed by MS-13 [VIDEO]

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The MS-13 gang is known to be especially brutal when they commit a murder. An 18-year-old teen found this out the hard way after he was murdered for claiming he was in a rival gang. The teen’s friend said he was on Facebook claiming to be a part of the 18th street gang, a rival gang of the MS-13.

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Carlos Otero Henriquez openly flashed gang signs on Facebook. It was there that members of the MS-13 gang in Virginia set up his murder.

“He had no idea that night would be his last,” Patricia Giles, the Assistant U.S. attorney said during a trial that looks to dismantle the MS-13 chapter in Virginia. “He had no idea of the horrible death he would suffer.”

The night of the murder, a couple of gang members who were acquaintances of the teen reportedly told Henriquez they were going out to the club. Once in the vehicle, the gang members drove the teen to a mountainside in West Virginia.

Breitbart reported the MS-13 gang members recorded the beating and stabbing that resulted in Henriquez’s death. The MS-13 gang members present at the attack were ordered to hold down Henriquez while everyone stabbed him.

“They all took a chance, one at a time, stabbing Carlos with the pocketknife.” Andres Velasquez Guevara, an associate of the gang who was present, testified they stabbed him so many times, “you could see his intestines.”

The gang members allegedly recorded the brutal murder to send to leaders in El Salvador. After being stabbed over 50 times, the killing blow came after one of the gang members stabbed the teen in the throat. After he bled out, the gang members stripped Henriquez of his clothes and lit him on fire, NBC Washington reported. 

According to the Washington Post, the leader of MS-13’s Virginia chapter, Wilmar Javier Viera Gonzalez, admitted to ordering the murder of Henriquez.

Viera Gonzalez, who has been working with law enforcement in the hopes of a lighter sentence, told the court when law enforcement found the teen’s body all that remained was a skeleton.

If convicted in the case, the gang members could all face life in prison. The MS-13 gang, which was founded by El Salvadoran immigrants, is estimated to have 100,000 members in the United States.

Their small numbers are not to be taken lightly. Their US chapters make up one percent of the gang’s total 1.4 million members, according to CNN.