Teen Shot in Head While Playing New, Dangerous Online Challenge [VIDEO]

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It seems like each new internet challenge just gets dumber and dumber. No longer are we eating Tide pods for notoriety, but instead, we’re pointing guns at each other in a challenge commonly referred to as “No Lackin Challenge” The challenge resulted in a 17-year-old teen getting shot in the head at a diner. He’s now fighting for his life.

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A Tennessee teen was shot in the head after the new internet challenge went awry. The unnamed teen’s friend, 21-year-old Sherman Lackland, pulled his gun and pointed it at his friend.

The person who is having the gun pointed at him must also pull a gun out and point it at his opponent. Unfortunately for the teen, Lackland accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting the teen in the head.

“[There was] a real loud bang, then I see the guy across from [Lackland] fall in the floor,” witness Thomas Fitzpatrick said. According to Action News 5, three men were sitting in the booth when the teen was shot.

Fitzpatrick claimed Lackland was visibly distraught and angry at what had just happened. “He started grabbing him and telling him to get up and then he was kind of mad and was swinging stools and stuff,” Fitzpatrick recalled.

The teen was rushed to the hospital where he is currently in critical condition. The New York Post reported Lackland was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The No Lackin Challenge is just one of the latest internet challenges designed to do bodily harm to those who play it. Earlier this month, the challenge to eat Tide pods took the internet by storm. Countless articles and videos were made on that challenge.

The days of harmless challenges such as the “gallon challenge” and the “cinnamon challenge” are long gone. Instead, we have people taking on challenges that result in great bodily harm. We’re all doomed.

Below is various videos found on the No Lurkin Challenge. Warning: explicit language.