Teen Killed Stepfather with Knife Over Chores and Then Snapchatted It

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A teenager is accused of murdering his stepfather with a knife after an argument broke out about the teen doing chores. Nickolas Vinson, 19, reportedly stabbed his stepfather, 50-year-old Oscar Lemar Owensby, multiple times in the back, neck, and shoulder, before filming the aftermath and sharing the footage on Snapchat.

The incident took place on Friday night at the family’s home in Aurora, Colorado, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Local law enforcement state that Vinson lashed out during an argument over him doing more chores and contributing to household expenses, stabbing Owensby several times with a knife that had a 7-inch blade and a handle that resembled brass knuckles.

The argument reportedly began over text messaging before Vinson came home to confront Owensby. According to police reports, Vinson called Owensby to his basement bedroom and then attacked him.

When Vinson’s mother, Celena, heard the commotion, she ran downstairs and found Vinson filming the Snapchat video, where Vinson told his friends, “I just killed him.”

Celena ran to Owenby’s side, screaming, “Lemar, can you hear me? No!” while the video was being recorded.

Vinson reportedly fled the scene in a car but was later arrested by local police. As he was running, Vinson contacted his brother, Kyle, telling him about the attack and stating that Owensby was threatening to throw him out of the house during the disagreement.

He also spoke with police officers over the phone, stating he would turn himself in but wanted to say goodbye to some friends first. Law enforcement located his vehicle and arrested him.

Owensby died of his wounds, including a punctured aorta, after arriving at the hospital.

It isn’t clear who first contact law enforcement officers, but the mother of a girl who saw the Snapchat video did contact the police.

Vinson was booked into county jail on a charge of first-degree murder. He has been denied bond.

Neither Celena or Kyle have commented publicly about Owensby’s death, though a cousin did remark that Owensby was “brutally” murdered.

Owensby and Celena had been in a long-term relationship and cohabitating for the past 14 years.