Teen Charged With Rape is Saved by Girlfriend’s Selfie [VIDEO]

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Twelve Israeli teens were arrested on July 17, on suspicion of raping a 19-year-old British tourist at a resort. The victim alleged she was held down by numerous men while they took turns sexually assaulting her. On Thursday, five of the men were released. One was released thanks to a selfie his girlfriend snapped of him.

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The sexual assault reportedly took place in the country of Cyprus, at the resort town of Ayia Napa, which is a hot-spot destination for tourists. The British teen told the police the teens held her down at the Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel while they allegedly took turns raping her, The New York Post reported.

“I do remember that until about 1 a.m., the friends I did not know raped me, some wore a condom, and some didn’t,” she told law enforcement. “They hurt my whole body… one of them held me down, and then I saw at least 12 faces… for an hour or so, one after the other.”

“After they let me go I fainted, and then I ran out of the room, met friends and they took me half-naked to the clinic,” she added. Seven of the teens admitted to being in the room that the raped allegedly took place in but claimed it was consensual.

Police found five used condoms in the hotel room and 13 condom wrappers on the floor. The five teens that were released were found to have no connection to the case. One of the teens was cleared of any wrongdoing after his girlfriend showed authorities a selfie she took with him at the time the crime reportedly took place.

“I was sitting in my room, I don’t know how they got in but suddenly two police officers jumped me and cuffed me,” he told an Israel news outlet. “At first I did not understand what they wanted, but at the station, a translator told me, ‘You are suspected of raping a girl.’”

He pleaded with officers to look at the photo he took with his girlfriend at the time he was accused of rape. “I don’t understand how they didn’t check that,” he said.

A judge has ordered the remaining seven teens to remain in custody for the next six days so investigators can finish with their inquiries. Three of the teens have refused to talk to police, Fox News reported.