Teen Born With Deformed Arm Builds Arm Extension Made of Legos

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Legos have been used to create countless things. You could relive a childhood memory building the Death Star from Star Wars or even create a rocket ship to launch you into the stratosphere. One young man, who was born with a malformed arm, took Legos to a whole new level.

David Aguilar’s right arm never developed properly when he was younger. The 18-year-old claimed he was self-conscious of his arm and spent many hours locked away in his room.

It was here that he found a passion for building and creating magnificent structures with Legos. After toying around with the idea of creating an arm out of Legos, Aguilar threw caution to the wind and started building a Lego creation designed to function as his missing limb.

Over the next few weeks, Aguilar started to create a DIY prosthesis arm extension made of Legos. He posted his whole experience online. He showed how his newly built arm allowed him to do things that, in the past, had always seemed to be just out a reach.

He was able to put deodorant under his arm and pick up and drop things with ease. “When I move the arm, the hand opens and closes, which allows me to get things,” he said. “With what was a toy I have managed to get my dream done.”

According to the Daily Mail, while Aguilar was working on the arm extension, he kept the whole creation a secret from his family so he could surprise them.

Besides wanting to have the use of both of his arms, Aguilar has a real passion for creating things and figuring out how to make things work. He is currently studying technology at his high school and plans to one day become an aeronautical engineer.

Eventually, after his fully functioning arm videos took the internet by storm, it grabbed the attention of Legos. A spokesperson, who was understandably at a loss for words, wrote: “You have left us without words,” the spokesperson wrote. “The strength, tenacity of David are the things making us proud.”