Teacher Arrested For Sex With 2 Different Students on the Same Day

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You would think getting caught having sex with one of your students was bad enough. But no, one high school art teacher decided to up the ante by allegedly having sex with four of her students, some of whom were within hours of each other. And it all began with a simple text.

Jessie Lorene Goline, an art teacher at Marked Tree High School in Arkansas, was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault Wednesday after an investigation proved she had sexual relations with four of her students.

A parent of one of the victims went to the police and voiced her suspicions about the teacher. The situation got so heated at one point that one of the parents of the victims claimed she would “do bodily harm” to the teacher who preyed upon her son, according to ArkansasOnline.

Eventually, the four students and even Goline admitted to having sex with each other. Investigators said one of the boys claimed it started with a remark from Goline telling him ‘how good he looked’ in class one day.

Shortly after the two began texting each other, the 25-year-old sent the student a picture of herself in a thong, according to the Daily Mail.

The other three boys had similar stories of how it all began with a compliment from the art teacher, which eventually transitioned to sex. One boy said that he would have sex with Goline in her car in between classes.

Another boy claimed he had relations with Golin in her apartment one afternoon. Hours later, another boy she was seeing came to the apartment.

According to the affidavit, three of the boys were from Tree School District and the other was from the East Poinsett County School District.

New York Daily News reported out of the four boys, only one was under 18, and it turned out that he was “way younger than what he told her.”

Matt Wright, the principal at the school asked Golin if she was having sexual relations with students, to which Golin replied: “I’m not going to lose my husband,” but added, “We had sex.”

Golin’s Facebook page does indicate that she is married, but the page has since been deleted. If convicted, Golin could face 10 to 40 years in jail.