Taxpayers Forced to Pay Medical Bills for Gang Member Who Wounded an Officer

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A gang member who was caught on video pointing a revolver at law enforcement officers after the vehicle he was in got pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop, chose to fire his gun at a cop, injured an officer, and then was shot himself during the incident will have $250,000 in medical bills covered by the city.

During the incident, which took place in September, according to a report by the Daily Mail, John Ezell Jr., who is currently in custody, injured Omaha, Nebraska, officer Ken Fortune. He also fired at several other cops after the vehicle Ezell was in was pulled over.

Footage from the incident, a still from which went viral, shows Ezell in the passenger’s seat and pointing his firearm at officers.

While Ezell and the car’s driver were initially compliant during the traffic stop, when they realized that three gang officers had stopped them, the pair attempted to flee.

Officers pursued Ezell and the driver in an unmarked vehicle.

When Ezell and the driver reached a stop sign, Officer Ken Fortune approached the vehicle on foot. Ezell fired his gun twice before getting out of the car and attempting to run.

As two other officers attempted to catch him, Ezell fired his weapon again, leading the two officers to return fire, ultimately bringing him down.

Ezell was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he remained for one month before being relocated to the jail.

Fortune, who was shot in the shoulder, was also treated for his injury.

Ezell did not have health insurance, was taken into custody, and his injuries were caused by city officers, making the city 100 percent liable for the cost of his care.

“Since the medical need arose from an incident in which there was a shooting (involving Omaha police), that unfortunately makes us liable,” said Jeff Bloom, the Assistant City Attorney.

Initially, Ezell’s medical costs amounted to $479,341.25. However, the city made an arrangement with Nebraska Medical Center, allowing them to pay half of what was owed instead of the full amount.

The city will pay $239,670.63 to cover all of Ezell’s medical bills.

Ezell is currently being held and awaiting his next court day. He faces charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault of an officer, and weapons offenses. Bail is set at $3 million.