Tattoo Artist Tries the ‘Bird Box Challenge.’ It Goes Just Like You’d Expect

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This has all the earmarks of a stunt that was designed to fail. Still, though, it seems like the man who agreed to get the tattoo now has a new conversation starter. It certainly doesn’t look like the tattoo he’d intended. So what exactly would make anyone think that a blindfolded tattoo artist would be able to produce something other than a cheap Picasso knock-off?

“The Bird Box Challenge stems from the Netflix original movie called Bird Box,” Daily Mail notes, “starring Sandra Bullock, where her character is forced to make a dangerous journey with her children while blindfolded, so as not to lay eyes on a monster that if seen, causes people to kill themselves.”

After the show took off, the viewers began emulating the plot. They tried blindfolding themselves before doing all manner of tasks. Driving ended badly, even walking was troubling for most, so why not try tattoos?

The tattoo experiment took place in Brazil. The tattoo artist was supposed to recreate a simple face. He could feel where he was supposed to be drawing, but had trouble keeping the lines centered.

The tattoo artist seems to get a fair amount of help from the man getting the table. Even so, it doesn’t go well.

“Eventually, it seems the artist has given up on trying to create anything that looks like the stencil on the man’s chest,” DM adds, “appearing to be scribbling any which way, as he attempts something that looks like it might have been meant to be a beard.”

As the session ends, the tattoo artist pulls away the paper towel to reveal the final. It is sketchy, at best, and looks like the type of drawing art students frequently attempt as a warm-up by keeping their eyes fixed on a person’s face and drawing it on paper they are not looking at.

The video is going viral. It remains to be seen if the recipient of the odd tattoo will keep it as is, or find a way to cover it after the fad of Bird Box fades.