Taser’s New AI-Powered Body-Cam Will Recognize Anyone In Real Time

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Following more calls for body cameras on police officers, Taser has been busy delivering. They’ve also been working on something brand new as well. After acquiring two tech start-ups, Misfit and Dextro, Taser announced to the public the launch of it’s new artificial intelligence division, Axon AI.


Around half of all US adults are believed to be registered on an unregulated law enforcement facial recognition database. This allows police to scan through countless hours of camera footage in a matter of minutes. With the aid of these new cameras, the police would be able to better search for any person they needed.


Axon AI is designed to aid the current evidence system at their cloud storage site. contains all of the US law enforcement body cam footage and Axon AI will improve the system while also enhancing and developing the site itself.


Taser acquired Dextro because of their huge contribution to the digital technology. They created the first computer vision and deep learning system able to make visual content in videos searchable in real time. Misfit’s team were working on improving the efficiency and accuracy of the processing partner.


In an interview with Vocativ, Taser’s vice president, Steve Tuttle, said this:

“Dextro’s system offers computer vision techniques to identify faces and other objects for improving the efficiency of the redaction workflow. AI enables you to become more targeted when needed.”

With both teams now working under Axon, the goal is to develop the system’s learning algorithms that will allow it to search through video footage in real time and identify objects, people, and specific actions like traffic stops, foot chases, and other common police routines. The footage would then be tagged and labeled so it can be evaluated when needed.


Axon AI is currently not the fastest process. It can take eight hours to process faces from a single one hour clip of footage. But Axon has plans to reduce the process to 90 minutes.

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Blake Mauldin states it perfectly in his Tweet and this AI will greatly improve the police work done in our country.

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