Tank Crew Saves 50 People from Car Bomb in Most Tanker Way Possible [VIDEO]

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The crew of an Egyptian tank is being credited with saving the lives of up to 50 people after a car laced with explosive raced toward a checkpoint in North Sinai. As the car sped down the road, the tank moves to meet them head-on. Then, the tank proceeds to run the vehicle over, stopping it in its tracks.

As reported by the Daily Mail, civilians stopped at the checkpoint can be seen running for cover as the car barrels towards the line. The tank intercepts the vehicle and easily drives right over the top.

The car was said to be holding nearly 100kg of explosives along with four gunmen. After the tank halts the vehicle’s movement, it retreats back into position.

Tragically, the tank’s actions didn’t stop the explosives from detonating, and seven civilians were killed in the blast, including two children. However, if not for the quick thinking of the tank crew, it is likely dozens more could have been killed in the explosion.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Army stated that up to 50 civilians and military personnel had their lives saved by the tank crew. He went on to say, “The armed forces reiterates that such terrorist acts only strengthen our determination to continue to eradicate this terrorism in our beloved Sinai from the roots.”

The spokesman also asserted, “The armed forces will continue to sacrifice all that is precious, our sons’ lives, in order to preserve and protect this nation and its great people.”

A battle between the Egyptian military and ISIS-backed insurgents has been raging in the Sinai Peninsula. Egyptian armed forces have reportedly killed over 40 terrorists in their newest campaign against the militants.

Unlike in previous campaigns, a military source said that soldiers are remaining in locations that have been cleared of militants.

ISIS has been deemed responsible for multiple deadly attacks in the region, including an attack on a Sinai checkpoint that resulted in the deaths of at least 21 soldiers. However, the insurgents have yet to seize control of a major population center as they have in countries like Iraq and Syria.