Talking Drone Tries to Lure Kids Away From Playground [VIDEO]

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Keeping their children safe from predators is most parents’ top concern. There are countless stories of child predators trying to lure children away with enticements such as candy or toys, but it seems that predators are now using advanced technology to target children. There have recently been reports of drones talking to children on playgrounds in an effort to lure them away.

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One Ohio elementary school, Windemere Community Learning Center, has been subjected to such advanced ploys. Students claim that a drone flies around their playground and tries to talk to them.

According to the Daily Mail, the drone appears three to four times a day, when school in not in session, and tells the children to leave the playground. This alarming occurrence has put staff at the school on high alert.

Even though the drone has not appeared during school hours, Principal Megan Lee-Wilfong says she feels “absolute panic” each time more confirmed sightings of the drone surface. No one knows for sure what the drone is saying to children, according to Fox News.

To make parents of students aware of the situation, Lee-Wilfong wrote a letter to them suggesting that any child be accompanied to the playground by an adult, if possible. “I know that children playing at school would seem safe, but without adequate adult supervision, anything can happen,” she wrote.

She also encouraged parents to speak to their children about “stranger danger,” and how they can be prepared if a situation like this ever arises.

One parent, Hannah Adkins, was sickened when she heard the reports of a drone trying to interact with the kids. “That’s creepy. It’s scary, you know. I have a daughter… and having some weirdo flying something around?”

Lee-Wilfong acknowledges that we live in a different world now. “It’s alarming that that is how we’re going to have to retrain and now consider. Look up when you’re outside with kids.”

“We’re used to watching our kids. We’re not used to watching the skies,” she added. As technology advances, parents and teachers will have to adapt as well because, apparently, criminals are using new technology to their advantage.