Tailgating Driver Gets Brake Checked. Spectacularly Crashes Car [VIDEO]

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The incident happened on I-41 near Little Chute, Wisconsin. A driver on the interstate apparently had enough of being tailgated and appears to “brake check” the offender. [Scroll Down For Video]

The tailgating vehicle has to brake suddenly, over corrects, and ends up flying into the median. The incident was captured by another driver’s dashcam.

According to local media reports, most accidents caused in this area have to do with vehicles following too closely:

“The number one thing we’re seeing right now is people that are following other vehicles too closely,” said State Patrol Trooper Jennifer Austin. “You have to remember that you have to maintain enough stopping distance, enough time to be able to react to what is going on in front of you.”

Just to be clear, neither tailgating or brake checking are encouraged behaviors on public roadways. Both actions put other drivers besides the two drivers involved in danger.