SWAT Officer Tries Airsoft and Destroys Everyone Involved [VIDEO]

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What happens when someone with training takes on a bunch of arm-chair airsoft experts? It isn’t pretty for the weekend warriors, that’s for sure. The poor victims in the video below didn’t seem to be expecting the level of difficulty they encountered in this team death match style airsoft battle. So watch and take notes.

The video stars someone the narrator calls “swoosho.” He’s a German police officer in a unit equivalent to an American SWAT team.

The fight begins with him running ahead. He uses his stamina to get a competitive edge on the other team who clearly weren’t expecting to come under fire so quickly.

The element of surprise allows him to move in the open, and take chances that would otherwise leave him vulnerable. After, he begins clearing the physical structures.

From there, he moves out and engages groups from concealment. His team falls in behind him and secures the structure. Once he is spotted in the woods, he again uses his speed to retreat back to the buildings.

When he’s clearing the physical structures, he hangs back from door frames and uses open sight lines to secure shots. This may be the section of the video where his training is most easily seen at work.

These long sight lines keep him back far from his target, making him less visible and harder to hit, while allowing him so see clearly his unsuspecting opponent.

When he has the structure secure, he moves to the cover of a window to shoot out into the woods.

While there isn’t much choreography, his team training can be seen in the way he covers those he’s working with.

When he moves into the woods, he takes great care to shoot and move. By the time any other targets may have registered where he is, he’s moving.

That same philosophy works inside the structures, too, where he will occasionally move with great speed, catching his targets off guard.

Some of the targets seem intent on being shot. This one was hiding behind a porous wall.

In the end, swoosho does get shot, but what was left of the red team still couldn’t pull off the win.