Crazy Officer Involved Shooting After Suspect Opens Fire at Courthouse [VIDEO]

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On Monday morning, a male armed robbery suspect was killed by law enforcement after participating in an alleged crime spree that involved multiple locations in the area. The spree began at Holiday Oil, which contacted police to report an armed robbery. Then, a second armed robbery call came in, and the suspect matched the description of the previous incident.

Following the second call, indicating shots had been fired near a 7-Eleven, police began to try and intercept the suspect, resulting in a police chase. Officers pursued a white pickup truck that the suspect was said to be driving.

As he drove, the suspect leaned out of the truck’s window and fired shots in the direction of pursuing officers. According to a report by KUTV, the suspect was using a rifle.

The suspect was ultimately stopped by the police. While initial reports suggested that the Matheson Courthouse may have been involved, the shooting did not relate to anything at the courthouse and proceedings were not interrupted.

The incident culminated in a shootout. The suspect reportedly fired shots at officers, who ultimately returned fire, killing the suspect.

During the final trading of gunfire, at least one officer was injured by a ricocheting bullet.

The now-deceased suspect has been identified as Harold Vincent Robinson, 37.

Per police protocol, the shooting is being investigated. All involved officers – which included officers from multiple agencies – have been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.